CVC Spotlight: Keith Vlot

When the annual section conclave is over, Arrowmen will be going home with mostly memories. However, each participant will go home with a new set of skills and ideas that they can put into action within their lodges and chapters. Each year, phenomenal training sessions make sure that the impact of conclave is felt by those who didn’t even attend. At this year’s conclave, Keith Vlot, the Training Conclave Vice Chief, has put together a list of training sessions sure to make an impact!


Keith is a Vigil Honor member of Kiskakon Lodge, where he also serves as the vice chief of programs. In the past, he’s also been the Miami Chapter chief. In addition to being dedicated to his own lodge, he has been a presence on the section Council of Chiefs for a few years, where he has helped to plan past conclaves as well. Outside of Scouting and the OA, Keith is a high school senior and enjoys weightlifting in his free time.

Keith is, of course, looking forward to the training sessions at conclave. However, he is most excited to help strengthen the bonds of brotherhood between Arrowmen from all across Section C-6A. Keith can’t wait to for each of you to come to conclave and experience the unique training sessions like How to Wear a Scout Uniform to a BBQ and ArrowStrong in the Outdoors!