Ellenwood CVC Spotlight

CVC Spotlight: Tyler Ellenwood


The 2016 Section Conclave is being hosted by Sakima Lodge, and that effort is being lead by none other than Tyler Ellenwood!

Tyler, a Vigil Honor member of Sakima Lodge, is currently serving as the Sakima Lodge chief and as the section’s Host Lodge Conclave Vice Chief (CVC). As the Host Lodge CVC, he is the person responsible for coordinating with the Culver Academies and ensuring we have great facilities prepared for us at conclave.

Before being elected as lodge chief last September, Tyler was a lodge vice chief two separate times. In addition to serving as the lodge chief, Tyler also serves his council as Camp Tamarack’s Scoutcraft director. This summer will be his seventh year on staff! At 20 years old, he is currently a sophomore at Purdue University where he is majoring in Biochemistry Pre-medicine. Outside of school and Scouting, Tyler loves playing Ultimate Frisbee and many other sports.

Tyler and the other members of Sakima Lodge can’t wait for everyone to arrive at conclave. He says that he is most excited for “the awesome training and activities the CVCs have put together,” what are you looking forward to?