Lodge Officer Summit

The inaugural gathering of lodge officers from across Section C-6A

Held September 30 through October 2 at Camp Belzer, the Lodge Officer Summit is a brand new event put on by Section C-6A. LOS is an opportunity for lodge officers from around the section to gather for a weekend of hands-on, activity-based training to improve their ability to deliver the Order of the Arrow program within their councils and sharpen their skills as lodge officers. These trainings are being provided by none other than 2015 Central Region Chief Joey Dierdorf and 2016 Central Region Chief Logan Greene.


In addition to hands-on training, the weekend will also served as the section’s fall Council of Chiefs meeting, where we will being our Conclave planning for 2017 with breakout sessions aimed at developing conclave theme and program. This will also serve as an opportunity for lodge officers who have not had the chance to attend a COC to see how the section operates.


After our training and COC meeting, the officers and advisers will leave camp Saturday for a fun-filled fellowship evening on the North side of Indianapolis!